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Dawn Chorus!

On the wings of dawn...

A new day has just arrived, but it is early yet, and the wings of dawn have not yet come to serenade us from our dreams.

In just a few short hours, Dear One and I will awake to the miraculous wonder known as the Dawn Chorus. All those birds who weave their fellowship in melody and harmony through the branches of the trees in our garden will let us know a new day has begun.

Did you know the tiny wren sings 740 notes per minute? Incredible, that God in His divine creativity would fashion such waking splendour for our ears from a creature so small. The birds come early to lace my sacred space, inviting me to join God for an exercise in holiness when sleep, peaceful or non, escapes me. Would that my spiritual stamina rival that of the chirpy wren.

Celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day today as you praise God for the beautiful details of the world He gives us. Click here and enjoy!

   The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;
       where morning dawns, where evening fades,
       you call forth songs of joy.  (Psalm 65.8, TNIV)

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