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Make me a Christian

Well what can I say? Channel 4 has scheduled the following two programmes for Sunday’s God Slot tonight:

Tune in at 7PM for the newest reality show on faith and belief, Make me a Christian.

To be followed at 8PM by Celebrity wife swap.


Make me a Christian is showing as I type this. It was billed as a group of people from Leeds who volunteered to be in this three-part series for three weeks. It does not bode well, as several of these ‘volunteers’ appear quite hostile to the idea. It’s as if they have been dragged in by chains to participate, but hey! they get to be on TV! And it’s only the first segment. One must be reminded that TV producers — especially of Channel 4’s ilk — work to an agenda that only God can rearrange.

One of the volunteers billed as a ‘militant atheist’ describes his foray into this personal quest for spirituality as ‘Caligula meets the Christians’. 

Mysterious ways…


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